David & Stefy Harlea

Sinesti, Valea Argovei, Frasinet and Fundulea, Romania

David Harlea; Youth dedication

I would like to share with you shortly how God works in my life, and in my ministry here in Romania, Sinesti, Valea Argovei, Frasinet and Fundulea.

The greatest things I learned in life, about God and his works, where not at the theological seminary but in small houses, as I watched people being touched by the Gospel and brought to a new life in Christ. As I visited people and shared Christ with them, my heart was overwhelmed with the joy of serving God. I enjoy this simple people fellowship and the Lord has put on my heart to worship with them and to study and deepen the Scriptures in our hearts. I thank God for His faithfulness and that in His grace, He keeps our love for Him. I thank God for some members who spread the Gospel and work to be a light for the Lord.

Now I am more challenged to be faithful in preparing church programs, because Moise, Marian and the rest of the team, now go Sundays morning to Valea Argovei and to Frasinet. But I thank God for his help in leading his Church. He puts on some people’s heart to help us, so from time to time I invite them to be blessed by serving others. Together with Moise and Marian, we served many years together. We are now good friends and we try to meet each other regularly for fellowship, prayer and preparing for church worship.

In Valea Argovei, we are blessed to see other people and neighbors coming to Christ and join with us in fellowship.

Beside meeting the Church, Sundays and Wednesdays I also try to gather kids every Saturday, and share God’s special love and teachings for them. Fridays I am helping with worship time, in Valea Argovei or Frasinet and from time to time I am trying to keep a constant relationship with some young men from Fundulea for mentoring. I pray that God will work greatly in our lives so that others and you also, will be blessed. I thank God in my prayer for your Church generosity in supporting us financially and with prayers for so many years.

With love,
David and Stefy Harlea