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Zoltan and Lujzi Kovacs with Menedek Alapitvany (“Refuge Foundation”) – Hungary It was the evening of Good Friday, 1984 when I was first convicted by the great need my country, Hungary, had for the struggling youth. Young men without a home, family, a job and certainly without purpose. Many of these homeless young men were also victims of alcohol and narcotics. Not much later with five other founding members we established Menedek Alapitvany (“Refuge Foundation”) with the support of my father, who also was the pastor at our church. God allowed us to be a pioneer non-profit organization in Hungary under Christian values and with a “kingdom” purpose! After 26 years in operation we are confident that God ordained this ministry which has broadened its venues of service since. Much of our focus is on preventive ministries, such as adoption of state orphaned children into godly families. As a result of Menedek’s ministry years, new churches have been born, and people and families have found purpose in a life. My wife, Lujzi and I live in Erd, Hungary and we are parents to four children, and grandparents to five grandchildren. Since 1986, Menedek has been about sharing the love of Jesus Christ through meeting physical and spiritual needs of the homeless and lost. Key functions of the ministry are:

  • Housing and care for homeless youth and men in the Men’s Shelter in Budapest, capacity for 15 people.
  •  Housing and care for crisis ridden women (some pregnant) and mothers with their children in the Women’s Shelter in Budapest; counseling and full care for them that includes food, medical help and spiritual support.
  • Helping abandoned children find foster and permanent homes, modeling godly families. Network of foster families in Bodrog, Hungary.
  • Through Menedek’s office in Budapest provide free counseling; encouragement, direction, and advice for those without family, home, a job, or hope. Further counseling for people with marital and family problems.
  • Temporary housing for bankrupt and hopeless families and individuals in the Menedek-city, a former Soviet army base, now operated by Menedek.
  • Operating a soup-kitchen to feed up to 100 people per event.
  • Open-air evangelization
  • Church planting in various cities, where Menedek ministries operate
  • Weekly “tea-club” evenings for anyone in all age-groups longing for community and a safe environment. Walk-ins welcome and are fed. At each meeting they play various games and the Gospel is shared weekly for 26 years running.
  • “Beginning of Wisdom” education center in Bodrog, Hungary where Menedek operates a kindergarten, grade school (1-8th) and a music school.

Menedek takes care of 145 homeless daily, in addition to an average of 130 students (Kindergarten – 8th grade) and operates a music school in the same facility. Website: www.menedekalapitvany.hu
Email: zkovacs@naviport.hu
February 2015 Update
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