Mirek & Olinka Klepacek


Mirek was born in Romania in a Czech village to a Christian family. At the age of 10, after the communist regime fell, his family moved to the Czech Republic. At 15, Mirek trusted Christ at a evangelistic event. Two years later, after a life changing week at WOL camp, he dedicated his life to the Lord. At the age of 19, he volunteered to serve in the summer camp ministry. It was then that God called him to serve with WOL and impact other youth like himself with the Gospel. In 2004, Mirek became a missionary with Word of Life.

Olinka was born to a non-christian family and never heard the gospel until age 16, when two people came to her school and invited students to a Christian English Camp. In the middle of the week, she trusted Jesus as her Savior and something unimaginable became a living reality. In 2004 during summer ministry at WOL, Olinka dedicated her life to serve the Lord and decided to attend the Bible Institute in Ukraine following camp season.

“In 2006, we got married and began a new chapter of ministry with WOL as a couple. God has since blessed us with two children. Our daughter, Eunika, is 9 years old and in 4rd grade. Joel is 5 and attends preschool. Together we enjoy hiking, camping and being outdoors. We love God and desire to point our family, friends, community and country to Him!”


Mirek is serving as chairman of Word of Life Czech republic.

God has called us to minister to youth, their families and churches. Currently, we serve together with four other families reaching youth in the Czech Republic with the Gospel. Our desire is that, support and help we provide will help many Local churches to grow and reach communities. Ministries that we have been involved are:


Camp Ministries

Summer & Winter Camps

Local Church Ministries

Developing Youth & Outreach Ministries

Teaching Bible hour in local church

Hosting local churches at our property, encouraging.

Evangelism & Discipleship

Sport & Music Outreach Ministries



Website: www.wordoflife.cz

Email: mirek@wordoflife.cz