Gyuri & Aniko Varga – Erd, Hungary

Monday, December 3rd, 2018

November, 2018



July 1st the leaders of the Hungarian Baptist Union commissioned 3 couples (including us) to plant a new church downtown Budapest. Gyuri was appointed as the leader. We started our Sunday gatherings on July 8th. We can meet in a small room (18 chairs) at the Union’s headquarters (Budapest VI. district, Benczúr utca 31.) near Heroes’ Square.

We did advertise neither our plantation, nor our gatherings. First we prayed and asked God to send equipped, experienced laborers. Summer was light, in September Gyuri started to meet young fellows and shared our vision for our church. We would like this church to be the spiritual home for many, especially the highly educated people in Budapest. Slowly people started to come. Not necessary the ones we first hoped for (as usually happens). The Lord has a good plan.

September 2nd we had our first Lord’s Supper together, October 7th we had 19 people and 15 stayed together for lunch outside in the parking lot (seen on the picture). We do not have a music group so we sing with You Tube. 25th October we started our midweek fellowship. We have fellowship one Thursday and teaching course on the other, alternating biweekly. November 8th we were 12 beginning the ROAD TO THE CHURCH course ages from 18-54. By now we have 15 people who consider themselves belonging to Budapest-Live church. We praise God for them!

We have a bigger room (80 chairs) available for us in the building of the Hungarian Baptist Theological Seminary (same site) for free! We are awed by how God goes before us and opens doors. We’ll see when we move over there, maybe in December.


We were delighted to see our oldest son marrying Afroditi (half Greek half Hungarian) 10th August. Gyuri preached and married them, it was very moving emotionally. We all were very happy. They rent an apartment in Budapest. Afroditi works as a Psychologist in a children’s home (parents cannot afford to take care of them). Natan is still working on his masters besides working full time.

Aron is developing his design skills and helping with media in our church.

After 2 years in the States Samuel came home for his brother’s wedding last summer. It was hectic but we had some needed serious and fun time together. He reconnected with his brothers and sister. He is asking God to provide for his missing tuition by January, 2019.

Abigel began high school, does very well. She has 18 English classes a week. She doesn’t have migraine headaches. She hurt her knees last spring. We saw several doctors. They do not want to operate her knee before she turns 15 (next summer). Until then she cannot do sports and cannot folk dance. This made her cry hard. We prayed together and now she is in peace. She got medicine for her knee. She still has to ware her spine corset during the night.

We have a 15 years old Hungarian boy (Mátyás – Matyi) living with us during school days since September. Last 6 years they lived in the USA. After moving back to Hungary his family lives at Lake Balaton, he goes to the American school in Diosd. It is quite a challenge to all of us, though he is a nice teenager boy.


Gyuri is preparing the curriculum for the mentors’ last 5 days training in December.

He is working with a pastor personally whose whole family is in trouble.



Aniko had a difficult time with her team of 7 women. 5 of them work full time, 4 of them pastor’s wives with children. They don’t have much capacity to do much more for women nationwide. Last May we had a fantastic countrywide women’s conference at Lake Balaton in a school gym. We had to change location 3 weeks before the conference for the interest was so high. We had almost 900 women coming from all over the country, some even from the neighboring countries. Our theme was “Stand up and shine”. Last weekend we held a prayer day in a village near to the Ukrainian border. Now we are preparing a teen girls day in Debrecen, a women’s conference in Budapest in May and pastor’s wives days in February and September. We get ready to send out 4000 prayer and fasting brochures to Baptist women all around the country to dedicate the New Year to God and pray for the same requests with the same Scriptures January 1-21.

Thanks for your support that enables us to do ministry.

We are praying and looking for some additional support since our new church is not able to provide enough for our financial needs.


In His service: Gyuri and Aniko VARGA in Budapest, Hungary

Karen & Ruben Popet – Beraca Orphanage in Jdioara, Romania

Tuesday, November 20th, 2018

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.   James 1:27

November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving!

It is a little early, but we do hope all of you have a wonderful day spending time with family and friends. Anca is planning a big Thanksgiving dinner later this month at the orphanage. We all have a lot to be thankful for. One thing those at the orphanage have to say thanks for is that several churches have brought their Harvest Day collections to Beraca. The food pantry is completely full of all kinds of delicious home-canned fruits, vegetable, jams, etc. plus fresh foods and lots of other things. No one has had to go grocery shopping for a while.

Anca has been taking our children and teenagers to a few churches to sing with her. She has a beautiful voice. She has been teaching our children new songs. They enjoy singing but also like the food that the people at the churches serve them after the services. We are excited that they are participating in church. And, who knows what God has planned next for them.

Bogdan won the chess tournament for his school. We are proud of him. He has had a lot of practice over the years with visitors who came and against Ruben. The rest of the children and teenagers are doing fine. They are busy with school. They are also enjoying the last of the warm weather in Romania.

Ruben and I have had the opportunity to attend a couple of mission conferences this past month. The speakers have been refreshing. The fellowship has been wonderful. Christiane, our special friend from Germany, came over for one of them. We hadn’t seen her for a long time. It was wonderful to spend time with her. And, we reunited with some of the people and now grown-up children we had worked with and taken care of when we served at the Dornesti orphanage in Romania (before we got married!). Seeing the children all grown up and doing well was rewarding for us. It encouraged us and reminded us of why we are in Romania.

During this season of thanksgiving, we want to let you all know how thankful we are for each of you. You have been so faithful in praying for us and giving financial to keep things going in Romania. We pray you are blessed in many ways this month, too.

With our love,

Ruben, Karen and Bianca

Beraca Foundation, P.O. Box 674, Jacksonville, IL 62651;


Radek & Laura Kolarikovi – Kurim, Czech Republic

Friday, November 9th, 2018

To read the most recent update from Radek & Laura Kolarikovi, please click on the link below. 
Thank you! 

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Laszlo & Katalin Nagy – Obarok, Hungary

Thursday, November 8th, 2018

For the most recent update of the Nagy ministry in Hungary, please click in the link below to read their PDF newsletter. Thank you and God bless!  

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Karen & Ruben Popet – Beraca Orphanage in Jdioara, Romania

Saturday, October 20th, 2018

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.   James 1:27

October 2018

Dear Friends,

Fall is one of our most favorite times of the year. The weather is mild, with lots of sunshine. The trees’ leaves are turning to magnificent colors. There always seems to be a breeze making it pleasant to be outside. Only God could create such beautiful nature. It is a reminder to all of us that God is real and alive. As He cares about His nature, He cares and loves us so much more. This is our vision to share His love not only with our children and teenagers in Romania but with all the others that God has given us to minister to both in Romania and America.

Things in Romania are going well. Everyone is settled into the routine of school. A couple of weeks ago, Anca and Mugurel had a wiener roast with all the children and teenagers. Not only did everyone enjoy the food, but they liked being around a campfire, too. Pizza in a village called Nadrag was on the schedule for another Saturday this past month. There is also a children’s park there so the younger ones enjoyed that. The teenagers played a game of soccer with some of the other teenagers hanging around the park. It was a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon. Also, Bogdan has entered a chess tournament for his high school. We will let you know how he does.

The three of us are adjusting to life in America. Ruben has had the opportunity to share in a couple of churches. He has been talking about the importance of one. We all can make a difference for God if we find out what He wants us to do and then start doing it. We need to begin making a difference first in our families and then move out to our community, state, country and the world. If each of us does what God has put on our hearts to do, then a lot can be accomplished for the Lord. The hardest part is taking the first step. But once that has been done, each step afterwards gets easier and easier. We pray for our teenagers and children that they will realize how important they are in God’s eyes. Each one of them can make a difference in Romania for Jesus if they listen to God and follow His leading. It only takes one person to get things started. Please pray for them that they will understand God’s purpose for their lives and begin to walk in it.

All your prayers are so important to the work in Romania. Thank you for being so faithful to pray. Also, thank you for being so generous and faithful in your financial giving. With all of us working together, we can reach not only our children and teenagers but many more people in Romania for the Lord.

With our love,

Ruben, Karen and Bianca

Beraca Foundation, P.O. Box 674, Jacksonville, IL 62651;


Mirek & Olinka Klepacek – Cerna Horna, Czech Republic

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Dear Friends and Ministry partners, 

Praying that You experience great autumn days full of God´s mercy and peace. 
In attachment are two letters, one from our family and second from our regional director. 

Thank You very much for Your prayers and also time to read what Lord is doing in our lives and ministry.  This one is SUPER important. 

October 2018 Letter from Klepaceks

Concerning the Klepaceks

May Lord bless You 
by His grace 
Mirek Klepacek 

Word of Life Czech republic 



Miroslav Klepacek 
Word of Life CR 
+420 774 448 881 

David & Stefy Harlea – Romania

Monday, October 8th, 2018
Dear friends , 
    I would like to thank you very much for your prayers and  support for our family in ministry. Please pray that we will efficiently share the Lord on streets in Sinesti and Piteasca .May the Lord reward you for your investment in his kingdom.  

                                gratefully, David Harlea

Florin (Csika) & Ana Tamas – Fundulea, Romania

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Dear friend,

Praise God for the honor and privilege we have to serve such a Great and Awesome God and Father. He is the one that fills our heart with abundant joy, overwhelming peace and everlasting love, because He is the Almighty King and Lord. 

It was a great summer, full of surprises and accomplishments, full of hard work and weight loss ( if you want to lose some weight, join us next summer in camps and the projects that God will have for us J), full of excitement and grace. Over 250 kids and teens heard the Gospel this summer in our camps and Bible Clubs, praise God for the decisions they’ve made to follow our Savior Jesus Christ and to serve Him. God is the only one that knows their hearts and their future, that is why we need to pray for them, so join us in praying for the kids that heard the Gospel this summer. Praise God for the teams that came from the Us and helped us, they did a great job. May the Lord bless them richly and transform their lives to be more like Jesus every day. If you want to come and serve with us here in Romania, feel free to talk to us and we will find a way or a project that you can be a part of and serve.

Thank you so much for praying for us in the process of building our home. God has been so good to us. In one of my previous emails, I was shearing the need of 60.000$ to be able to build and do the insides to our house. Praise God, He provided 20.000$ by now, moving the hearts of individuals and churches to give and help us. If you are asking me, I never thought I will live the day to see our house being built. I am telling you is an overwhelming feeling, but in the same time comes with a lot of stress. My hair turned grey since I have started and I have lost over 15 lbs. More that my body, my faith has been put to test, depending on God for every penny, not knowing what comes next, except the due dates of the materials that I had to pay, it is very hard. Thank you for praying for me, every prayer counted. One thing that I have learned about faith is that: “My
 faith will only be as strong its knowledge of the person / object of the faith”. I need to know all of His promises and trust them, more then to search for miracles and wonders expecting them to happen to me one day!! My faith will get stronger as i will get closer to him, knowing him in person and not just works that He did while Jesus was on Earth. Even though it is hard most of the time, i choose to trust Him every step at the time in the building process and in every day life. Continue to pray for us please!!

Next step / need we face right now is building the upper floor and the roof. The budget for this to happen is another 10.000$,  and we need this before winter comes. In the same time we are praying for a team of carpenters that can come and help us with the roof, or with the insides of the house once the house is built. Please, continue to pray for this matter.

Our family is doing good, praise the Lord! We  are very excited to meet the baby brother, soon ,very soon, tomorrow morning at 7 am the doctor is waiting for us at the hospital and by God’s grace we will meet our new baby boy Aaron by 12 pm. Please pray for a safe delivery and for a healthy baby and for Ana to recover easily and with no complications. We would also like to ask you to keep us in your prayers in this home school year. We have a 1st grader, second grader and a new born, the house and ministry. We really have our hands full, but everything is easy when we have Jesus by our side. It is best to trust His plan for us  than to create a better future for us but without Him in it.

WE do love and pray for you. God brought you in our lives for times like these, and we are so thankful for your generosity and love. May the Lord bless you richly and keep you in His mighty hands.  

With great love in Christ, Florin, Ana, Abel, Andrei, Alex, Flavia and baby Aaron!!!

Only Through Christ!!! 
 Florin & Ana Tamas 
     Acts 20:24
Address for financial contributions:
Titus International, 1515 McBrien Road,
Chattanooga TN 37421.
Address for field communication:
 Str. Nazarcea Nr. 76, sector 1, 
   Bucharest, Romania.


Vlada & Eliska Donat – BTS Czech Republic

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Dear friends,

We trust that you are all doing well. We have been praying for all of you who have been in the hurricane path, and trust all is well with you.

I just realized a few days ago that our last email update was a long time ago… and the main reason is that we have been sharing current information in the closed facebookgroup called “Updates from the Czech Republic”. If you would like to be added to this group, please, let me know.

We have more exciting news that I can share in one update, but let me post a few pictures with a brief description, and if you would like more information about any of these, I will be happy to write more.

Just so you know what to expect below: We baptized three new believers! The summer outreaches were an incredible success. Our Museum of the Bible received a unique, 200 year old, Hebrew scroll of Torah. And the building keeps growing.

What an amazing worship service. The three new believers that got baptized invited friends and families, so we had 45 people at the service who all heard the Gospel not only preached by me but especially in the testimonies of those who were baptized. (hard to believe that we saw no fruit for 8 years and now we had a baptism with 45 in attendance… God is good!)

As you can see, we had a few people at our summer camps J. Gospel was shared, relationships were built, and many hearts were touched. Please, continue praying for these children, teens and adults as we continue working with them throughout the year.

Just last Wednesday, we had the privilege of meeting the Larsons. This wonderful couple has a very unique ministry. They donate several hundred year old Hebrew scrolls to Christian schools and ministries for the furtherance of the Gospel. 
The gifting ceremony was set up as a press conference, and we had an all-day coverage on the Czech national television, several stations of the Czech national radio, the Czech press agency, four newspapers and many news websites. We pray that many will come to our museum to see this scroll, and hear the Gospel during their visit.

As you can see, the building keeps growing. And as always, God’s timing is perfect. Our need for more space is growing every day – for the seminary, museum and local church, so we are very excited that this project is moving forward. The roof should be up in about 3 weeks.
We want to Thank all of you who are participating on this project financially. What a blessing! 
Currently, we have a little over one half of the needed funding. We still need to raise almost $200,000. Please, pray with us for this goal.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We appreciate your partnership very much.

Vlada and Eliska Donat


Karen & Ruben Popet – Beraca Orphanage in Jdioara, Romania

Wednesday, September 26th, 2018

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.   James 1:27

September 2018

Dear Friends,

We hope everyone is enjoying the change of seasons and fall weather. Some of you are probably into a new routine now that school has started. All our children and teenagers are back to their daily schedule of school and homework. This year we have someone in almost every grade from kindergarten to 12th grade. Our high school students are in six different sections. They all have different schedules and homeroom teachers. Imagine how many parent meetings Anca must attend – 14 of them. They usually have the meetings two or three times a semester. Helping everyone keep up with homework for each class is always a challenge, too. There is usually quite a bit of homework every day. So, Anca and the other workers will be busy this fall. The high school students will be going with the community van to Lugoj every day for school. It costs around $300 a month for all of them. If anyone would like to help with this cost, that would be great. Thank you so much.

Earlier this month, Mugurel took all the children and teenagers camping right outside our village. They had tents for everyone to sleep in. They cooked hotdogs, marshmallows, etc. over the fire. Everyone enjoyed being out in nature. It was a good way for them to work together, too, to prepare meals and to set up and take down camp. They also took them to an adventure park nearby. There were courses to go through in the trees and small ziplines. Everyone had a fun and exciting time.

Bogdan went to a church camp for a week. It was a good experience for him. It is so encouraging for him and our other teenagers to be around strong Christians their own age. We believe all the seeds planted will come to fruition in God’s timing.

We have several teenagers and children who have had birthdays this month. Each one gets a cake and present. We try to make it special for them. We encourage them that they are all precious in God’s eyes.

Thank you for being a part of their lives and making them feel blessed and special through your prayers and financial gifts. As we all work together, their lives are being changed. May you be blessed in a special way this month.


With our love,

Ruben, Karen and Bianca

Beraca Foundation, P.O. Box 674, Jacksonville, IL 62651;