Vlada & Eliska Donat – BTS Czech Republic

Saturday, December 28th, 2019

Merry Christmas Dear Friends!

We trust all of you are enjoying a wonderful Christmas time, remembering the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Allow me to briefly share a few things from all that has been happening here recently.

I wish you all could see it firsthand. The Lord keeps bringing new people to Himself, the church in Pelhrimov is growing, and we are more encouraged than ever before by the growth in numbers and also the growth in depth of the new disciples of Christ. 

When you remember us, please, continue praying for those who have heard the Gospel, but have not responded yet. Pray with us specifically for Martin – father from the family where the mom and a sixteen year old son were baptized this past Fall. Martin is very very very near accepting Christ! And not just that, many conversations about the Gospel that he has are not just with us as pastors, but others from the church! Disciples making disciples!

Another person is Kuba – an 18 year old man who is deeply touched by the Lord, but is afraid to make a full commitment because the cost seems too high to him… I just shared with him yesterday that once he gives his life to Jesus, all these questions will be answered and there will be nothing to regret. 

Marjanka is another one. She is the mother of a guy from our church. Some of the best questions we get come from her. She grew up in the Catholic church but never knew you can know Christ personally. We believe she is also very close to making a personal decision to follow Him.

I could continue with one story after another about the open hearts, and about God’s love and mercy in peoples’ lives. If you want more details, I would love to share with you.

For now, I want to wish you Blessed Christmas one more time, and Thank you again for being in this ministry with us so faithfully. We appreciate all of you and pray that the Lord would be your joy every day.

Vlada and Eliska Donat



Vlada & Eliska Donat – BTS Czech Republic

Thursday, December 27th, 2018

Dear friends,

Merry Christmas! We trust that you are all doing well, and that you are enjoying this wonderful season when we remember the first coming of our Lord and Savior. He came just like the Old Testament prophecies said He would. And He will come again soon as He promised. May this be our joy.

We want to share a few pictures and some information about all that the Lord is doing here in these last weeks and months.

– WONDERFUL NEWS FROM LAST NIGHT (picture above): we had our Christmas worship service, and had more than 50 people in attendance… it was hard to squeeze everyone in J (we are so grateful that the new building is coming along nicely J)
– All the new believers are continuing to grow in the Lord
– We have several people who came to Christ, and want to be baptized
– I can’t remember the last Sunday when we would not have at least one new visitor at our worship service
– We started weekly youth meetings about 6 weeks ago, and we have had about 20 unsaved young people at every meeting (picture below)

– We graduated a class from a local church about several weeks ago
– We continue teaching
– Several of our students told us recently that the Lord used our program to call them into fulltime ministry

– We continue to have opportunities to share the Gospel with school groups and at schools thank to the Bible museum exhibition
– above is a picture of a group of adults at our museum from this past week – one of many opportunities to share the Gospel.

That is in brief what has been happening here. We want to Thank you for your prayers and all your help. You all are an incredible blessing to us!

Merry Christmas!

Vlá?a, Eliška, Sára, Ester, and David Donát

Pelh?imov, Czech Republic

Vlada & Eliska Donat – BTS Czech Republic

Monday, October 8th, 2018

Dear friends,

We trust that you are all doing well. We have been praying for all of you who have been in the hurricane path, and trust all is well with you.

I just realized a few days ago that our last email update was a long time ago… and the main reason is that we have been sharing current information in the closed facebookgroup called “Updates from the Czech Republic”. If you would like to be added to this group, please, let me know.

We have more exciting news that I can share in one update, but let me post a few pictures with a brief description, and if you would like more information about any of these, I will be happy to write more.

Just so you know what to expect below: We baptized three new believers! The summer outreaches were an incredible success. Our Museum of the Bible received a unique, 200 year old, Hebrew scroll of Torah. And the building keeps growing.

What an amazing worship service. The three new believers that got baptized invited friends and families, so we had 45 people at the service who all heard the Gospel not only preached by me but especially in the testimonies of those who were baptized. (hard to believe that we saw no fruit for 8 years and now we had a baptism with 45 in attendance… God is good!)

As you can see, we had a few people at our summer camps J. Gospel was shared, relationships were built, and many hearts were touched. Please, continue praying for these children, teens and adults as we continue working with them throughout the year.

Just last Wednesday, we had the privilege of meeting the Larsons. This wonderful couple has a very unique ministry. They donate several hundred year old Hebrew scrolls to Christian schools and ministries for the furtherance of the Gospel. 
The gifting ceremony was set up as a press conference, and we had an all-day coverage on the Czech national television, several stations of the Czech national radio, the Czech press agency, four newspapers and many news websites. We pray that many will come to our museum to see this scroll, and hear the Gospel during their visit.

As you can see, the building keeps growing. And as always, God’s timing is perfect. Our need for more space is growing every day – for the seminary, museum and local church, so we are very excited that this project is moving forward. The roof should be up in about 3 weeks.
We want to Thank all of you who are participating on this project financially. What a blessing! 
Currently, we have a little over one half of the needed funding. We still need to raise almost $200,000. Please, pray with us for this goal.

Thank you for your prayers and support. We appreciate your partnership very much.

Vlada and Eliska Donat


Vlada & Eliska Donat – BTS Czech Republic

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

Dear friends,

First, I would like to apologize for not sending an update earlier. Things are moving along so quickly here that I lost track of time.

Below are a few pictures from the last month. Would you please pray for these ministries and projects?

Please, pray with us for our local church. We started a mid-week Bible study, and none of these meetings goes for less than two hours, because people want to study God’s Word, and they want to share what God is doing in their lives. You can specifically pray for Vašek and Petr – two fathers who bring their families to church, and for Vítek and Bára – a young man and a young woman who came to Christ recently. (picture: On Easter we had a dinner with our church family and we invited friends to hear the Gospel. More than thirty people came.)

Please, pray with us for the Bible museum ministry. We just started our third season, and we have a number of school groups coming for our interactive educational programs about the Bible where everyone gets to hear the Gospel and gets a free Bible at the end. (picture: just yesterday, we had a school group of fifty at the museum)

Please, pray with us for the new building project. Last time I sent you a projection from the architect. Today, I am sending you a picture of the beginning of the building process. It is an exciting time for us to see the foundations being built, as the need for more space is becoming pressing. Please, pray that the Lord would provide all the needed funds. (picture: building of the foundations)

And one picture from a recent family trip (I know, it looks very cold… and it was, but it is much nicer and warmer now!)

Thank you all for your prayers and support. We pray for you often.


Vlá?a and Eliška Donát

Czech Republic

Vlada & Eliska Donat – BTS Czech Republic

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Dear friends,

We have several great news for you, and some prayer requests as well. 

As we have been sharing with you in the past months, the Lord is doing wonderful things here in Pelhrimov, and also in our teaching and Bible museum ministry.

We had about 30 people at the worship service on Sunday again. A number of people are interested in going deeper, so we started a mid-week Bible study, and we continue to have one on one discipleship meetings with several men from the community. 

We also did an English weekend with a group of students from Beeson Divinity School, and it was a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with people. (the picture shows Sunday worship service from last week)

Our major prayer request is for the people that hear the Gospel to accept Christ. Many of you are already praying for Petr and his family, Pepino, Alesh, Iveta… please, continue praying for them, and for all the others who hear the Gospel.

We also have a great news, and another prayer request to share with you. As you may already know, due to the growth in every area of our ministry, we are running out of space for all that is happening. We have been praying for the past two years for the best way to deal with this “good problem”… and we are planning to build a new building on our property. 
Its main purpose is to give us a good size meeting room for church, camps, teaching seminars, museum seminars, etc. There will also be a conference room, two offices, and some additional housing. 
We would like to ask you to pray with us that the Lord would provide all the needed funds – the cost is around $400,000, and with a part of the money already promised, we would like to start the process as soon as possible. 
If you would like to be part of this project financially, we would appreciate your help very much. We can send a detailed budget upon request. Here are a few pictures from the architect (on the right side, you see the current building, middle and left is the new, L shaped building).

Thank you for all your prayers and help. God bless you.

Vlada and Eliska Donat
Czech Republic


Vlada & Eliska Donat – BTS Czech Republic

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017

Dear friends,

First of all, Merry Christmas to you all! It’s wonderful to celebrate the birth of our dear Savior, and we trust that all of you are enjoying this special time of the year.

This is a very busy season for us, especially when it comes to ministering locally. We usually try not to schedule too much distance learning teaching for December and January, because we know there will be a lot to do here in Pelhrimov.

Let me share a few praises with you, and then I will mention some prayer requests too.

Last Sunday, we had our Christmas church service, and there were about forty people at the church, including eight brand new visitors. (What you see in the picture is the children’s Christmas play that we did during the service… by the way, we are fire-flies – based on a well-known Czech Christian book… that’s why we have antennae and lanterns – I was definitely the biggest fire-fly you will ever see).



We also had our small group last. About fifteen people came to our home – we studied the Bible, sang, and prayed… the people stayed for three hours. It was a wonderful fellowship.



This week, we have a meeting with men tonight, youth (and their families) meeting this Friday, and a worship time on Sunday.

Would you pray with us that those who have heard the Gospel many times would make a decision for Christ? It is specifically Pepino (one of the leaders of the Czech Records agency), Krejci family (the husband is Petr, the wife Iva, and their two boys Ondra and David). We are also praying for the new visitors, especially one new family – our daughter Sara’s friend from school Kaja and her parents.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and a blessed New Year 2018. Thank you all for your faithful prayers and support throughout this last year.


Vláda, Eliška, Sára, Ester, and David

Czech Republic


Vlada & Eliska Donat – BTS Czech Republic

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Dear friends,

We returned home from our US trip a few weeks ago. It was so wonderful to see so many of you! Thank you for your love and hospitality, we enjoyed every moment of our time with you.

I would like to briefly update you on things that are happening here.

The day after our return, we opened a new distance learning group of the Biblical Theological Seminary. The 35 students include youth leaders, elders, Sunday school teachers, and others from the church who want to grow spiritually. We are very encouraged by these students and their hunger for a better understanding of the Bible.


Another great encouragement is local church. As you can see in the picture, we had about 30 people at our worship service last Sunday, and about 15 at the youth meeting on Friday. One new family that has been coming to church for the past month is Petr and Iva with their two young boys. They listen to every word when we preach, and Petr has been asking how exactly one can have a personal relationship with Christ. Please, add them to your prayer list.


And finally, yesterday, we remembered 500 years from the time when Luther posted his 95 theses. So, here is a picture of a 1594 Luther Bible from our museum.

Thank you all for being such an important part of our ministry. We appreciate and pray for every one of you. Please, let us know how we can pray for you specifically.

Vlá?a and Eliška Donát
Czech Republic



Vlada & Eliska Donat – BTS Czech Republic

Monday, August 14th, 2017

Dear friends,

What a July. I realize that we bring this on ourselves, but Julys are usually super busy for us, as we have a week of English camp, Bible conference, and a Basketball camp one right after the other. It is exhausting but great. Let me briefly share about the three events

  1. English camp: due to the size of our buildings, we had to put a cap on the applications at 60 campers… that is why we ended up with 65 (and about 20 who really wanted in, but there was no more room!). We had a wonderful US team – one part from Revolve Church in NJ and one part from the Beeson Divinity School. We had many opportunities to share the Gospel with our campers – both one on one as well as in a group setting. Many people came to church after the camp, and two campers have shown a lot of interest in the Gospel, and we have seen them in church again. Please, pray for Aleš (Alesh) and Iveta.image001
    1. Basketball camp: the gym is bigger than the seminary building, so we could easily fit our group of about 100 there. We had about 60 campers, almost 30 on the US team and us. The US team from Christ Baptist Church and Providence Church had things running smoothly, and the kids really enjoyed themselves. This year, we had the most meaningful conversations about the Gospel with campers and with parents. One big praiseis that one of our campers decided to follow Christ – his name is Fanda, please pray for him. Several others told us they want to start reading the Bible they were given and pray at home.image002
      1. Bible conference: Let me just briefly say that we had a wonderful time at the conference – many pastors and elders were challenged to look at the Word of God with new eyes. We went through the book of Revelation, so I am sure you can imagine that there was a lot to talk about during the seminars and during the free time as well J

      Prayer requests and praises:

      Our major prayer request is for all the people who were exposed to the Gospel this summer. Would you pray with us that all those who are seriously considering what they believe about Jesus Christ would be drawn by the Holy Spirit to the Father? We pray that many would start coming to church, and that they would be willing to meet with us one on one in order to hear more about Christ and make a decision for him

      I know that many of you have been praying for Misha. She is doing better, and was able to participate in some capacity during all these events. She is not 100% yet, but better. Please, continue to pray for her.


      Finally, Lord willing, we are taking our family to the US this fall. We should be spending a week in NJ and about three weeks in the NC area. We hope to see at least some of you!

      Thank you for all your prayers and support.

      Vlada and Eliska Donat

      BTS and NKS Czech Republic

      PS: if you are not connected with us via facebook yet, you can do so and that way you will have the most current information. The two Czech and English pages are NKS Pelhrimov and Biblicky teologicky seminar






Vlada & Eliska Donat – BTS Czech Republic

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Dear friends,

Allow me to briefly share about recent ministry developments here in the Czech Republic.

Just last weekend we graduated another class. Over 20 believers from 8 different churches, including elders, youth leaders, and Sunday school teachers. It was very exciting to see them grow spiritually, and now that we graduated their class, several of them asked us to consider opening another class at their home church.


We are also very excited about our local church in Pelhrimov, and want to ask you to continue to pray for it. Several families and individuals have been coming occasionally. Specifically, we want to ask you to pray for the Plasil family (pronounced Plashil) that has been coming to the church regularly. We also meet with them one on one, and they are very open to the Gospel. Please, pray that the Lord would open their spiritual eyes to understand the need for salvation, and the decision they each need to make.
(here is their family… except for one of their sons)


Would you pray with us for a revival here in Pelhrimov, and in the whole Czech Republic? We are excited to see Christians growing in Christ, and a few non-Christians here and there interested in the Gospel, but we want to see our town and our nation to come to Christ, and grow in love for Him.

Thank you for your prayers, financial support, and your encouraging emails. We continue to pray for all of you.

Vlada and Eliska Donat
Czech Republic


Vlada & Eliska Donat – BTS Czech Republic

Monday, January 2nd, 2017


Merry Christmas dear friends,

We trust all of you are enjoying this wonderful season.
This is just a brief update with a few words about our family Christmas traditions, a few sentences about some of the ministries that we do, and some pictures.

Family traditions – a day before Christmas, our children get new pajamas, we sing Christmas carols… starting in November (… and ending around March), and we go see interesting places – today, we went to see an exhibition of nativity scenes (some of them took up whole rooms).

Ministry – Last weeks and months have been wonderful. Since we switched our Sunday church to evening, we have visitors coming in regularly. The Bible club for children is going very well. For our last session before Christmas, we had the parents join us, and we shared with them the story of Christ’s birth. The teaching ministry is also continuing well – we will be graduating another class at the beginning of 2017, and our Museum of the Bible draws attention of people from the whole country, and it is yet another opportunity for us to share the Gospel with all who come.

Christmas Pajamas

Christmas Pajamas

We just wanted to let you all know that we pray for you, and we want to Thank you for your faithful partnership with us. We appreciate your prayers, financial, and practical help very much!

God Bless You all.

Vlada and Eliska Donat
Pelhrimov, Czech Republic


Christmas Bible Club for children…with their parents

Christmas Bible Club for children…with their parents