Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018

With God’s help our church had a great time in April 29 when many people came and visit us. It was an evangelistic night with many people that are not saved. 
God allowed us to prepare for this evening with invitations we shared in our neighborhood.
Thank you for your prayers and support. Thank you for loving us and sharing with others about our needs. 
Here are some pictures.

Materials provided by Morrill church. These are for children. We do not have Bibles for adults. We used most of the money to provide this bibles for students as a support for our VBS. We will expect to have this year at VBS over 200 children every day. We will have another evangelistic night in 1st of July when we want to give a bible for every person that will come and is not a Christian. We have 60 days beginning today to provide 300 bibles. Please pray for that night. Right now we ordered bible for students because they were able to send it (funding) to us. For regular bibles we must order in advance with 45 days to buy one time 300 bibles.

With love in Christ!

Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Wednesday, December 20th, 2017
Today, (December 13),  Ed and Sue Greeley received a telephone call from Pastor Beni Indru of our sister church, Efrata, in Lugoj, Romania.  WONDERFUL NEWS was one part of Beni’s call.  A meeting of 12 people was held with 9 of them being government officials overseeing the building process of Efrata (and other construction projects in that area).  Besides Beni and the 9 officials, Ruben and Karen Popet, (who operate the Beraca Orphanage in nearby Jdioara), were also in attendance.  They attended as they assist The Philippian Fellowship (based here in Maine, on whose Board the Greeleys are privileged to serve) in dispensing funds to Beni and a few other ministries in their area.  Those ministries receive some support from a number of other churches and individuals here in the US.  The Popets’ presence was to provide testimony as to where most of Efrata’s support source has been in order for construction work to continue as it has over time.
The meeting began at 11:00 a.m. with a tour of the church building by the entire group.  Following the tour, the group had lunch together and after that proceeded to address the paperwork associated with Efrata’s construction.  The meeting lasted until 3:30 in the afternoon.  For a while, in reviewing many of the documents with the officials, it appeared the final papers might not be signed by the officials authorized to do so.  In the end, the papers were signed!  There are a number of “loose ends” that need attention in the construction work, but there is a process in place for the officials to see that progress is being made as time goes on.  The most significant factor is that there will now NO LONGER be any more papers, taxes, etc. involved!  This result is a huge answer to the prayers of many people!  This paperwork process has been expensive, over time, and has been in place over the last 12 years.  In short, all paperwork is now done!   As noted, there are construction issues needing completion – for example, railings and fence work, etc. will continue until finished.  Continuing prayers and additional financial support are needed to continue meeting these needs.  THANK YOU, each one, for your prayer and financial support in the past and as progress continues!
Some other news was shared by Beni, as well.  His wife, Gratzy, has some health issues that have been going on for several months, and to date, no real improvement has been noted.  She has hyperthyroid issues, resulting in weight loss and a low white blood cell count.  She is taking a prescriptive regimen at this time.  If improvement is not seen in the near term, a specialist in Cluj, some distance from Lugoj, will need to be consulted, as there may be another issue causing difficulty.  Your prayer support on behalf of Gratzy is appreciated, and will be especially so in the coming days.
Thank you, again, for your support for the Indrus and for Efrata.

Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Thursday, November 30th, 2017

The following information is a transcription of a telephone call from Pastor Beni Indru of Efrata Church, Lugoj, Romania, received by Susan Greeley on November 25, 2017.

Beni was very excited and gave much praise for the recent meeting he had had with the people who oversee the permitting process and work progress at Efrata. They were favorably impressed with the volume of work done in the last two months and he was very encouraged that he will not have to face permit petition work in 2018. (That is a huge answer to prayer!)

The people with whom Beni talked have addressed the issue of installing all of the “fire” doors in Efrata. There are four fire doors, and only one has been installed. The doors have been purchased, but before two of them can be installed downstairs, the floor must be completed. They need about $3800 (US funds) to complete the floor work.

There is a deadline for total completion of the building construction and that occurs in two years.

Another item for praise is that the fence surrounding all of Efrata’s compound is paid for and will be installed by December 21. The back wall of the church is done. We can also rejoice that last Sunday (November 19) there were 180 people in attendance.

Continued prayer support is greatly appreciated as work continues. And, Beni expressed much appreciation for the funding received to date in order to continue the needed construction work.

Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Monday, November 27th, 2017
Pastor Beni writes:

Amazing!  This is a miracle (receiving funds recently) of being able to continue the work at Efrata!

We started to work at this back wall for the roof and painting. Also we are trying to provide all the insulation and other things in order to demonstrate that we are moving forward.
I made connection for our food bank with a big European concern. Recently, I introduced a man in a nearby ministry to one of the managers and we have a contract for donations. Imagine that only in a recent week we served over 100 families with food.
And we will support until Christmas every week those families. They (European concern people) want to come and see the food bank. At the moment we do not have the proper place to store all the food. They can’t give us frozen food because we can’t manage everything with the space. This is another strong reason to hurry up finishing the basement. We have room downstairs and we want to provide the right place for this project. They want to make sure that we have space and good conditions to store everything.
This is what they donated to us.
Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.22.17 PM
Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.23.05 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.22.57 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.23.12 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.23.24 PM
This is the back wall of the church. In 4 working days they did a lot.  The roof was to soon be finished and by 11 November, the wall finished.Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 4.23.19 PM

Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Monday, October 23rd, 2017
Recent news from Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania follows:
Pastor Beni, his wife and youngest child, were privileged in August to travel to the USA.  A friend of Beni’s helped make the trip possible.  The continuing need of funds to complete the construction work at Efrata was presented to people in Illinois, Virginia, Morrill Baptist Church (Maine), and California.  The financial need to complete Efrata’s construction was placed at $73,500.  By the time Beni had returned to Lugoj in early September, the need had been reduced to about $61,000.  Since then, the need has been reduced by another $1,000.  Some recent pictures appear below showing some of the work and construction materials.  There is a very immediate need to complete the work required by the local permitting process.  The deadline is December 31, 2017.  If the work is not completed by that date, costly permitting processes must be undertaken once again.  PRAYER SUPPORT is requested at this time, and is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  If you would like to financially help with this final push toward completion, donations can be made here, through the Philippian Fellowship, and checks or a note accompanying funds marked “Efrata construction”.  Thank you, again, for your prayer support, and any financial assistance that the Lord might lead you to provide for HIS work there in Lugoj.  A bit more information appears below, along with a few pictures.

Below Pastor Beni shares some particulars of the project. And as we see that the needs are great, we will do well to remember our God is greater, and He will accomplish His sovereign plans in His perfect timing.

Beni writes…   They (government officials) put pressure on the church to accomplish some tasks. There is a tax we must pay to the State. And another big tax will be in January. Based on their words for October we must pay 3860 lei ($992.29). If we do not pay this before 1st of November it will be double. I do not want to imagine what will be in January.
This is what we have to do. Insulation for the ceiling of the church to not waste heat. We have 400 square meters and the insulation must be double (20 cm, two layers). We did 24 meters buying 60 packages. Imagine what is the final cost for all 400 meters.    …One box it cost 57,75 lei ($14.85) as you can see in the image and the price is reduced.

We need insulation for outside the walls. We need 280 packages of white polyester, plus the rest of the materials.
One box is 51 lei ($13.11).
We must finish the fence and we must provide the tiles for the basement. They ask for many things. We are in the process to have the hand rails for the stairs. But this is a process of 20 working days in case we have all the money for labour.

Romanian Ministries Update

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

Dear Friends at the Philippian Fellowship,


Thank you so much for your faithfulness in helping us to spread the gospel here in Romania.  Thanks for your prayers and support in June and July.  I would love to see you guys in September, I will be in the northeast for a few days bringing Corina to WOLBI in NY.


The Lord has given us many opportunities for ministry this spring and summer.  What a joy to have all our children home for the summer and ministering alongside of us.  At the beginning of the summer, our oldest son Michael asked Alina to be his wife, (she said yes).  We are excited about the opportunities the Lord has placed before them, using their medical and sports professions to give forth the message of the gospel here in Romania.


We hosted many different groups that came to assist with the new church construction in Valea Argovei, and leading weeks of camp and VBS in four different ministry locations.  In the spring Kristin purchased a new tablecloth, white with black outlined flowers.  I suggested that we should have all our guests sign their name and color a flower or leaf.  You see the result of 78 overnight guests in the beautiful artwork they designed on the attached picture.


Camp Eli was again a blessing to many, we hosted 880 folks this summer with different groups, and took nearly 300 of our own children, teens, leaders to camps as well.  We are thankful for the opportunity to host these children who are truly thankful for the opportunity to spend a week in a wonderful setting among God’s people who love them.  A special thanks to the different teams that gave of their time and resources to come and help us lead these weeks of camp.


We have just begun a new believers class at church with people who have decided to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism.  Many of them are youth from within our church who were challenged this summer with their need to publicly proclaim their faith in the Lord.  Pray with us for this group of 14 who have just begun.


We are so thankful for the Godly heritage of those who have gone before us.  My godly grandma Fannie went home to be with the Lord August 11 at the age of 97. She faithfully served the Lord (taught second grade SS class for 60 years) and was looking forward to going to be with Him.  Thanks for all your encouraging words during this time.  It is difficult to be far from family during times like this.

We love you and are thankful for your investment in our lives and the ministry here in Romania.

Gerald and Kristin Ziemer

Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Recent News from Efrata Church

Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017

Recent news from Pastor Beni Indru at Efrata Baptist Church

Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Thursday, September 8th, 2016

September 2016 News from Efrata

In April of this year, a team of eight people traveled to Romania from Morrill, ME to visit and work at Morrill Baptist Church’s sister church, Efrata Baptist. Pastor Beni Indru and his family welcomed the team by putting them to work the very next day after arriving. Team members shared their testimonies during the Sunday services and one of the team members preached both Sundays.

One of the purposes of visiting was for the team to begin taking down Beni’s parents’ home to make room for parking at Efrata. Many of the home’s building materials were salvaged. Most of the roof tiles were saved and a few thousand bricks were to be repurposed and were stacked nearby. The team also visited Precept Ministries and Ion Vatran’s home where he runs a ministry for youth and young adults.

Being involved in Beni’s family life impressed team members first hand of some of the big needs of the ministry in Lugoj. A short visit to the orphanage at Jdioara also touched team members’ hearts. Folks in Morrill and a nearby business donated items to fill three humanitarian bags with many items that delighted the children of the Beraca Orphanage and Beni’s children. Team members purchased a basketball hoop for Beraca and scooters from Beni’s two eldest children. All team members would like to return to Romania again for another work session.

More information regarding events since April was recently received via a telephone call from Pastor Beni, who expressed much appreciation for the prayer and financial support received from MBC and a few individuals.

Pastor Beni has been experiencing significant back issues, necessitating an operation a few months ago, and a period of convalescing. A subsequent infection was experienced, post surgery, but healing is underway. More treatment for the back issues is planned, with the outlook being promising at this point.

Construction work at Efrata has slowed during the past few months, due mostly to lack of funding. Some progress has been made, though. An apartment planned for Beni’s parents within the church needs to be completed before winter weather sets in, as their house was torn down, as noted in this newsletter.

Ministry work continues – with some outreach work occurring with Grace Baptist Church, located within Lugoj, as well, a city of some 54,000 people. That particular work is focused on helping establish a permanent church work in a relatively nearby village. Right now, the plan is to hold open-air meetings twice a month until the weather is too cold to do so.

Along with ministry work, Pastor Beni also is a beekeeper, and income from the sale of honey helps provide for his family.

Again, Beni is very grateful for the prayer and financial support received for his family and the Efrata ministry work. The Lord meets needs just at the right time – HIS time!

Beni Indru – Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

March 2016 News from Efrata Church and Pastor Beni Indru


Pastor Beni the people of Efrata are very much looking forward to a team coming from sister church Morrill Baptist April.  The main focus of work for the team will be on taking down the house that Beni’s parents have lived in.  His parents gave their house and land so the church could be built.

Beni and the congregation desire to complete most of the church construction work and tearing down of the house so that government requirements regarding the permit(s) issued for this entire project will be met.  The 10-year “date of reception” is nearing when the permits will have expired.

Among current church projects:  new doors are in place; floor tiles are not done yet; cheaper tiles (price, but still good quality granite) are going to be used, being transported from Bucharest; bathrooms are done; entrance stairs (main ones) are not done yet.  Efrata people in the past little while have raised funds to help make ready a new living space for Beni’s parents.

The home that Beni and his family have now was given to them a while ago.  The lady who left them the house also left funds in an account that no one knew about.  The funds were set aside by this lady for a new entrance to the house to be made.  The funds were left with the city and were recently discovered and the Indrus now have those funds.

A special evening service is planned when the team is there, with a good number of people attending.  An emphasis/challenge is being put forth to bring more people to church as a significant number of people don’t know of Efrata.  The main desire is to bring more people to Christ.

The permitting process for demolishing Beni’s parents’ home is soon to be done – after a tax is paid.  There is to be no demolition until the MBC team arrives.

Again, Pastor Beni is greatly appreciative of prayer and financial support from MBC people and from a number of others, as well.  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and provision for our needs.