Gyuri & Aniko Varga – Erd, Hungary

Dear Friends,

Fall is over, Christmas is at the corner. So many things happened since we wrote to you.

Last week of August Gyuri got convinced by the Spirit that he should apply to the Hungarian Baptist Theological Seminary for master’s degree. We had about 4 days to send in all the necessary papers. In September he started a 2 years program. He is in school Thursday-Friday-Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm. Pluss all the homework, Greek grammar and words. Exam time began this week and lasts till the end of January, he has 9 subjects, 4-5 oral exams beside essays or test. We thank God for the blessings he experiences in his studies -not the grades, but more in new knowledge, new understanding and surprising closeness with some of the teachers.

Finally, we found the name for our new church: CENTRÁL BUDAPEST. Centrál means to put it in the middle. Our motto is: Only You. We put God Himself in the middle in everything we are and do. Our homepage in under construction. Time approaches when we can make people know about our church. Centrál Women’s Circle began in October where Aniko gathers women who are or will be the pillars. 6 of us meet once a month for Bible study and fellowship in a downtown office (one lady is a director of an institute for disabled people who need 24 hours care). Centrál Men’s Circle begins tomorrow with 5 men.

Anikó has 5 more months to serve as a leader of the Hungarian Baptist Women’s Ministry. Last prayer day, last pastor wife’s weekend, last teen day, last women’s conference, etc.

Gyuri finished the 2. year of the pastor’s personal development training with 6 pastors. They learned so much of themselves, see their path clearer and became good friends.

Áron (25) is preparing for the ministry the Lord had called him. Part of this is his trip to the PASSION conference in Atlanta, George this December 31. with his younger brother Samuel. They will spend a good week together in Maine after the conference to clear their vision of the Hungarian conference that will happen a year later in Budapest. What a joy for us parents to see our sons serving God together! There is no more we could hope for!

Abigél(15) is learning a lot about herself in the high school. She is doing well but challenged in many areas. 

Samuel(23) does great in studying also as an RA leader. Builds his relationship with Audrey and they do very well in planning their wedding in September. We are very happy for them.

Natan(27) and Afroditi are enjoying their jobs, learning a lot about marriage and adult life.

We are so thankful for your prayers and support that makes us able to serve God!

We wish you a joyful MERRY CHRISTMAS!







Gyuri and Anikóz

From Hungary