Florin (Csika) & Ana Tamas – Fundulea, Romania

Hello my dear friend,

“For I will satisfy the weary soul, and every languishing soul I will replenish ” Jeremiah 31:25

My soul finds rest in the promises of our Lord! Isn’t that great  that God’s presence saturate the needs of our souls? In Him alone we find the peace that passes understanding and the strength to do His will. 

Can you believe that summer is almost gone? We had the privilege to serve In 4 camps this summer ( 3 kids camp and one with teenagers). Here camps are maybe a little different than what you do! We have Unsaved kids from unsaved families and most of them uneducated. As the old song says we are more of a sermon in shoes, doing our best to love them in the best way, teach them the word of God and play as much as we can with the kids! Our prayer is that God reveals Himself to the kids, that the kids will remember the Christian way of living they’ve seen in us and will desire the same for themselves. To hate the sinful living they see in their families and to desire God!

Teenagers camp is a little more different. Most of them are from our church but as we all know this season of their life can be very challenging. My encouragement for them, as I spoke every evening was that we find ourselves in a spiritual war, and we are soldiers that need to train every day in becoming more like our Lord Jesus. One lesson that I love the most was about remembering God’s promises, but first of all this implies to know them, to have them memorized. I know it’s a struggle and a challenge, but it’s part of our training and a great road to success in our daily walk.

Our family is doing well, baby Flavian is getting so big already! Abel got to go for a week in Greece for a Bible competition! We are very pleased with his hard work and praise God for the mind is given to him. Alex will be first grade this year and I hope he is still excited about it 🙂 ! Unfortunately we will start the homeschool year a month later, as the new home is not ready to move in! This is a very important issue for us so could you please pray with us for this issue? We still need to work on the heating system, cesspool, the entrance doors, etc. But as I said in the beginning of this letter our souls rest on his promises and one of His promises is that will take care of our needs as long as we stay in His will.

Thank you all for your donations and support in prayer, and the short notes that we receive from you. May the Lord richly bless you and provide for all your needs. 

We love and appreciate you so much!!!

Only Through Christ!!! 
 Florin & Ana Tamas 
     Acts 20:24
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