Gyuri & Aniko Varga – Erd, Hungary

Dear Friends,

We would like to give you some update of our life and ministry.

After Easter we went on a special trip to the US. Our nephew got married in California after keeping a long-distance relationship for 2 and a half years. It was a special treat to be together for 2 weeks and share in unique experiences. We got to know wonderful people who were hosting strangers (us) and a beautiful family who took on our nephew and embraced him with genuine love. We are thankful for all of them.

After the wedding we flew to Maine to visit with our son Samuel, his new fiancé, her family and our dear friends from our partner church. Gyuri had the privilege to preach on Sunday on how we confess our sins and still cling to them, instead of denying them and not allowing ourselves to do it again. This is how we grow. Sometime later a man in the church told Samuel to tell his father that his teaching changed his life. The Lord is working! It is an awesome privilege to be a part of it.

We had an unspeakable time getting to know the Hoving family (Samuel’s fiancé). We shared stories of coming to know the Lord, moving, adopting children, changing ministry location and focus following His leading. We shared joys and tears. We bounded in love. We are thankful for them and the Lord for raising up Audrey to become a beautiful, spiritual, mature young lady, a suitable helpmate for our son. Wow!!! 5 days after we came home they arrived to Hungary to spend 2 weeks here with us. It was awesome! This was Samuel’s last visit to home as our family member.

May 18 Aniko’s ministry team conducted the annual Baptist Women Conference in Budapest. With full house (over 600) we had a wonderful day of worship, teachings, building identity. 2 pastor couples were teaching (one was us) on how faith works. Our team was working together very well. I’m so thankful for them. Our daughter, Abigel helped us all day.  

Finally we gave a name to our church: CENTRÁL BUDAPEST. It means to put something in the middle, to the focus.

Our motto is: only You (I King 8:60).

Now we are ready to build our PR. We just reached the point where we understand what this new church is all about. Why the Lord wanted another Baptist church in Budapest (there are 27). We feel like now we are ready to roll. A year went by but we needed that time to clarify our vision and to see who stands with us. Now new people are coming every week. Please pray for musicians to arrive to have live worship music! We are good in teaching. The right hand of the Financial Minister comes to our church (he is a catholic man) and he said Sunday afternoons were the highlight of his week. We would like to see more people like him. He is a great encouragement to Gyuri!

Next Monday (August 12) we take 7 pastor couples away for 6 days. This is part of the pastors’ training Gyuri leads. We’ll monitor their marriage and family life together. Please pray that they would be open and honest and ready to grow in this area of their life also. 2 pastors are leaving ministry right now for family reasons! Gyuri trains 7 mentors who help their fellow pastors in the program.

We both had family reunions in May and August. We have several non-Christians in both families who were deeply touched by our testimonies. Please pray especially for Aniko’s brother (59) who is becoming more and more open to God (used to be a hardcore atheist)!

Abigel (15) experienced what it means to serve God and others in an intense situation for the first time. She went to a camp for foster kids (most of them gipsy) and disabled children to translate between Americans and the kids for 6 days. She did very well, got exhausted, got some marriage offers (from gipsy boys), but was overwhelmed by how God was using her and the others to bring 13 kids to His kingdom. We are thankful to God and very proud of her!

Thank you for your love, prayers and support!

Serving the Lord together,

Gyuri and Aniko Varga in Budapest, Hungary