Florin (Csika) & Ana Tamas – Fundulea, Romania

Dear Jeff and Rebecca,
    It has been a while since you didn’t hear from us and I apologize. To sit down in front of a computer and write, is very hard for me because I am all the time on the road. When I get home at night I have to spend time with the kids, then to put them to sleep and I am out most of the time before them :o). I’m not trying to find excuses, I know that  I am guilty and that I need to get more responsible. Please pray for me in this. 
    I want to thank you for being a blessing to us. You cannot imagine how much it means just to know that there is someone out there that prays for us and for our ministry here in Romania. Send our love and greetings to everyone in your prayer group and to everyone that prays for us and helps us financially from your church. We do pray for you and for the church in Waldoboro. Thank you for your donations for the house as well and for being a tool in Gods hands to reach and bless others overseas.  
     God has been good to us for keeping our kids healthy and safe through out the day in all the crazy things that they do, and for giving strength and wisdom to my wife Ana with the school and taking care of the house, she is a real help and blessing.
    A thought that I have started this year with is found in Isaiah 55:8-9. 
For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the Lord.

“As the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts. 
My thoughts are not God’s thoughts, and my ways are not His ways most of the time. Even though I am involved in ministry most of my time, I can be out of His ways and not having His thoughts. I really need to get to KNOW Him more every day to get to know His thoughts and to be filled with His Spirit, because He is the One that knows the deepest thoughts of God as Paul says in Corinthians. This in my prayer now, to empty my mind of my thoughts every morning, the thoughts of a dead man (because I died and Christ lives in me) and to fill it up with Gods thoughts from His Word. 
    Having this in mind, I have started to meet with the men from the church every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 9 am, to read the Bible and pray. It is a blessed time. The relations are built up and our minds and hearts transformed by the Word. 
    Continue to pray for us and for our ministries in Romania, and for our house. By Gods willing we would love to add the roof and the windows to it this Spring. We are out of money, but we trust the Lord that He is the one at work and He will finish what has started. Adam is planning to come with a team in Spring to do a VBS for the kids and to bring a team of workers to help us with our projects. I have asked them to pray for my house as well, but we will see where the Lord leads them.
    In 2 weeks I will be in Lugoj for an evangelistic event. Pastor Jacob invited a very talented violin player to visit them which is a very good friend of mine, and asked me to preach. I am so excited to get to see him. Please pray for these days, from 15th – 17th of February.
    Hope this email finds you safe and sound and on fire for the Lord. Please fill free to shear prayer request with us, so we may know how to pray for you as well. God bless!!

Only Through Christ!!! 
 Florin & Ana Tamas 
     Acts 20:24
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Titus International, 1515 McBrien Road,
Chattanooga TN 37421.
Address for field communication:
 Str. Nazarcea Nr. 76, sector 1, 
   Bucharest, Romania.