Karen & Ruben Popet – Beraca Orphanage in Jdioara, Romania

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you.   James 1:27

January, 2019

Happy New Year!

We hope this new year has started out well for everyone. With a new year, there is always a reflection on the last year and an excitement for a fresh beginning. We will be going back to Romania on February 5. We have enjoyed our stay here in America. The time with our family and friends has been wonderful. Please pray for us to have a safe trip home.

Our children and teenagers were blessed abundantly this past Christmas with many different people and groups giving them gifts. They also had plenty of candy and snacks from Christmas Eve morning when there is a big bonfire in the middle of the village. Everyone comes to it. Afterwards, the children go from house to house and get treats. This year it was very cold!

Christmas vacation from school came a week early as two feet of snow fell in Romania. There was no electricity, water or phone service for a few days in Jdioara and the surrounding area. Fortunately, the orphanage has a generator to be able to run electricity from time to time for heat. We have our own well for water so that was a blessing. Others were not so fortunate. It was a trying time. But with the extra time off school, our children were happy. Plus, they had plenty of snow to go sledding and play out in the backyard.

During their break, they went ice skating in Lugoj. They also participated in a fun night at the church on New Year’s Eve. For New Year’s Day, some friends of ours came out and made Mexican food for them all. School will be starting this next week. They will have three more weeks before the first semester ends.

As we return to Romania, we are praying about the new ways in which the Lord wants to use us this year. We have been serving there for 25 years. We believe there are still many opportunities to help meet the needs of the people and children of Romania, both spiritually and physically. We look forward to a rewarding and fruitful year.        

Thank you all for being so faithful with your finances and prayers for our ministry in Romania. We are looking forward to an exciting year.

With our love,

Ruben, Karen and Bianca

Beraca Foundation, P.O. Box 674, Jacksonville, IL 62651; karenpopet@gmail.com