Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

The following information is a transcription of a telephone call from Pastor Beni Indru of Efrata Church, Lugoj, Romania, received by Susan Greeley on November 25, 2017.

Beni was very excited and gave much praise for the recent meeting he had had with the people who oversee the permitting process and work progress at Efrata. They were favorably impressed with the volume of work done in the last two months and he was very encouraged that he will not have to face permit petition work in 2018. (That is a huge answer to prayer!)

The people with whom Beni talked have addressed the issue of installing all of the “fire” doors in Efrata. There are four fire doors, and only one has been installed. The doors have been purchased, but before two of them can be installed downstairs, the floor must be completed. They need about $3800 (US funds) to complete the floor work.

There is a deadline for total completion of the building construction and that occurs in two years.

Another item for praise is that the fence surrounding all of Efrata’s compound is paid for and will be installed by December 21. The back wall of the church is done. We can also rejoice that last Sunday (November 19) there were 180 people in attendance.

Continued prayer support is greatly appreciated as work continues. And, Beni expressed much appreciation for the funding received to date in order to continue the needed construction work.