Beni Indru & Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

Recent news from Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania follows:
Pastor Beni, his wife and youngest child, were privileged in August to travel to the USA.  A friend of Beni’s helped make the trip possible.  The continuing need of funds to complete the construction work at Efrata was presented to people in Illinois, Virginia, Morrill Baptist Church (Maine), and California.  The financial need to complete Efrata’s construction was placed at $73,500.  By the time Beni had returned to Lugoj in early September, the need had been reduced to about $61,000.  Since then, the need has been reduced by another $1,000.  Some recent pictures appear below showing some of the work and construction materials.  There is a very immediate need to complete the work required by the local permitting process.  The deadline is December 31, 2017.  If the work is not completed by that date, costly permitting processes must be undertaken once again.  PRAYER SUPPORT is requested at this time, and is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  If you would like to financially help with this final push toward completion, donations can be made here, through the Philippian Fellowship, and checks or a note accompanying funds marked “Efrata construction”.  Thank you, again, for your prayer support, and any financial assistance that the Lord might lead you to provide for HIS work there in Lugoj.  A bit more information appears below, along with a few pictures.

Below Pastor Beni shares some particulars of the project. And as we see that the needs are great, we will do well to remember our God is greater, and He will accomplish His sovereign plans in His perfect timing.

Beni writes…   They (government officials) put pressure on the church to accomplish some tasks. There is a tax we must pay to the State. And another big tax will be in January. Based on their words for October we must pay 3860 lei ($992.29). If we do not pay this before 1st of November it will be double. I do not want to imagine what will be in January.
This is what we have to do. Insulation for the ceiling of the church to not waste heat. We have 400 square meters and the insulation must be double (20 cm, two layers). We did 24 meters buying 60 packages. Imagine what is the final cost for all 400 meters.    …One box it cost 57,75 lei ($14.85) as you can see in the image and the price is reduced.

We need insulation for outside the walls. We need 280 packages of white polyester, plus the rest of the materials.
One box is 51 lei ($13.11).
We must finish the fence and we must provide the tiles for the basement. They ask for many things. We are in the process to have the hand rails for the stairs. But this is a process of 20 working days in case we have all the money for labour.