Beni Indru – Efrata Church in Lugoj, Romania

March 2016 News from Efrata Church and Pastor Beni Indru


Pastor Beni the people of Efrata are very much looking forward to a team coming from sister church Morrill Baptist April.  The main focus of work for the team will be on taking down the house that Beni’s parents have lived in.  His parents gave their house and land so the church could be built.

Beni and the congregation desire to complete most of the church construction work and tearing down of the house so that government requirements regarding the permit(s) issued for this entire project will be met.  The 10-year “date of reception” is nearing when the permits will have expired.

Among current church projects:  new doors are in place; floor tiles are not done yet; cheaper tiles (price, but still good quality granite) are going to be used, being transported from Bucharest; bathrooms are done; entrance stairs (main ones) are not done yet.  Efrata people in the past little while have raised funds to help make ready a new living space for Beni’s parents.

The home that Beni and his family have now was given to them a while ago.  The lady who left them the house also left funds in an account that no one knew about.  The funds were set aside by this lady for a new entrance to the house to be made.  The funds were left with the city and were recently discovered and the Indrus now have those funds.

A special evening service is planned when the team is there, with a good number of people attending.  An emphasis/challenge is being put forth to bring more people to church as a significant number of people don’t know of Efrata.  The main desire is to bring more people to Christ.

The permitting process for demolishing Beni’s parents’ home is soon to be done – after a tax is paid.  There is to be no demolition until the MBC team arrives.

Again, Pastor Beni is greatly appreciative of prayer and financial support from MBC people and from a number of others, as well.  Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and provision for our needs.